Tuesday, 28 August 2012

UniFi - Configure Huawei HG655a BTU as a MODEM ROUTER

UniFi - Huawei HG655a BTU as MODEM ROUTER

There are several forum members from Lowyat requested for a guide that how to configure Huawei HG655a BTU as a modem router. So that user can directly connect their PC into Huawei HG655a BTU's LAN ports.

Standard UniFi Setup

Note that the Huawei HG655a LAN Port 1 is connected to D-Link DIR-615a's WAN Port where as the LAN Port 4 is connected to TM IPTV (IPTV may not work please do it at your own risk).

UniFi will provide a D-Link DIR-615 Wireless router or RG TMRnd Wireless router for all users no matter you're applying for Residential or Business use. Above is the standard setup for all UniFi users.

Configure Huawei HG655a as a Modem Router

After following my guide your setup will look like the above diagram.
Your PC or Network Switch will be directly connected to Huawei HG655a LAN ports.

1. Make sure you have your UniFi login ID and Password. The login ID should be xxx@unifi or xxx@unifibiz
1. Download Mozilla Firefox because sometimes the Huawei HG655a WebGUI will not work in Internet Explorer.
Let's begin..

Step 1 (Manually set Fixed IP):

Plug in a network into Huawei HG655a VDSL Modem LAN port 2. Because Huawei HG655a VDSL Modem by default the DHCP is disabled so you should configure manually set Local Area Connection to fixed IP like the example below.

Step 2 (Login to Huawei HG655a):

Open Mozilla Firefox and type the URL key in the username and password below and click Login.

Username: admin
Password: hs5711Bbvl

Step 3 (Backup Configuration File):

After login navigate to Maintenance > Device > Configuration File tab. You should always backup your config file before proceed to the next step.

Step 4 (Configure WAN as PPPoE):

Go to Basic > WAN > select ptm1.500
Uncheck all Port Binding
Connection mode: Route
Type your UniFi login and password

Step 5 (Enable DHCP Server):

Go to Basic > LAN
Under DHCP Server check Enable
Start IP Address:
End IP Address:
Primary DNS Server Address:
Secondary DNS Server Address:

Step 6 (Verification):
Restart the Huawei HG655a BTU
Login to the admin page 
Go to Status > WAN > Network > Ensure the ptm1.500 is connected

Once its connected you're ready to online!


  1. Can i still have IPTV with this config?

  2. Nope. With this configuration you will lost IPTV connectivity.

  3. Bro, I only can see Status and Maintenance on the side..is there anyway I can configure this modem?

  4. I use this method for my unifi biz. It will not harm voip/voice setting right? BIZ package don't have iptv, only voip.

    Another thing is, can I change BTU LAN IP?
    example :
    -default BTU ip is
    -I want change it to -
    -my office has it own gateway server
    -this server already have 3 x NIC NIC1-, NIC2- --> connected to gigabit switch for internal network/internet sharing.
    -NIC3- connected to modem

    so I don't want BTU ip conflict to my current server IP

  5. My guide will not change any of the voip configuration. Yes you can change the BTU to any LAN ip.

  6. thanks.

    I still don't know what BTU TM will give to me, today is installation date appoinment. Still waiting for installer.

    If the BTU model is not same as in this page, can u help me to get it password? OR I can simply ask the installer to give me the BTU password?

  7. installer finished setup my unifi.
    they use Huawei HG850a BTU, from what I read at lowyat.net forums, this BTU can't access to web management to configure/change setting :-(

  8. Hey Stanley is this setup possible for HG655a?
    Please see: http://s14.postimage.org/rhc0oksr5/HG655a.jpg

  9. Hi Stanley,

    any idea how can done this step on Huawei HG850A model? The main issue is cannot login to gateway configuaration page.

  10. Hi Stan,

    Is it possible to connect this way?

    -> PC1 (PC with no wireless card)
    -> PC2 (PC with no wireless card
    -> Aztech HomePlug AV Extender(for WiFi)
    -> Wireless Router
    ----> PC3
    ----> PC4
    ----> Synology -> (Network Printer)

  11. Hi gilbert, yes it will work this way. just make sure the homeplug is connect to the wireless router LAN port then turn off the DHCP in wireless router.

  12. Hi Stan,

    Thank you for the speedy reply. Is there a way to access the BTU without direct connection with RJ45 cable?

  13. Can we configure or enable 4 lan port in this modem to connect other wifi router.

  14. hello ,since this modem supports adsl/vdsl, can it be used for streamyx?

  15. Hi Stanley, the unifi Id, did you mean the orange router ID or my Unifi Account ID and Password

  16. hi stan,
    after following your Step 4 & press Submit, there is error message came up: the WAN VLAN ID is identical. please advise

    1. I have encountered this.. the solution is to remove the ptm.500 and add new. Input the VLAN box with 500, and other infos and click submit. No more error message.

  17. Sorry im no idea regarding this issue. It may happen on some of the batch.

  18. Oh man, no idea? I'm trying to connect a switch to any of the port on the modem.

  19. Stanley,

    I have a airport time capsule 2TB and I am using maxis home fiber. I can't access the internet. Can I just configure the time capsule without maxis router? What is the setting for it?

  20. Stanley, if I do this setup, what do I have to change at the wireless router?

  21. HI Stanley,
    I have just installed a new unifi account last November 2013 and I am not sure what is the model they provide.
    Is it possible to configure as follows
    Original Config
    --> port 1 connects to wireless router --> IPTV

    New Config
    --> port 1 --> wireless router 1 --> IPTV
    --> Port 2/3/4 --> wireless router 2 --> computers



  22. Hi Stanley,
    FYI my BTU model is Huawei HG8240w

  23. Hi, stanley. Should I ignore this post if I want to use Asus RT modem router to set a CCTV asuscomm.com DDNS?

  24. Hi, i have problem with the UNIFI. After TM change to new Huawei HG655m, my firewall unable to connected to internet. But, if using the old one(huawei HG655a) the firewall dont have any issue.

    My setup is huawei HG655m > firewall fortigate > switch.

    Do i have to change anything in the huawei hg655m? In ptm1.500, do i need to remove vlan tagging?


  25. Hi, I have problem with the UNIFI modem HG655m unable to connect with our TP-Link TL-ER6120 router. I'm not sure where goes wrong? Any one can help? Really appreciate if I can solve this problem.
    Stanley Ong.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Hi Stanley,i just reset my unifi modem so now i need setting back unifi ONU password.. do u have any idea??

  28. Can someone explain step one to me? I don't understand. Cane I skip step one?

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Is it possible to do this setting with a new huawei modem without the help of tmnet technician? They want to charge me 500 for the damaged modem.

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  34. Create WAN connection profile ptm1.600 for IPTV tag to LAN4 done.