Thursday, 11 August 2011

UniFi - Connect to UniFi Huawei HG655a / HG655m with CUSTOM ROUTER

I am here providing a guide how to connect to UniFi by using your own ROUTER. You may follow the step by step guide below how to re-configure by removing the VLAN-500 Bridging in Huawei HG655a / HG655m VDSL modem. So you can use any router to connect to the Internet. IPTV may not work please do it at your own risk. Please read below.

I am not sure about Fiberhome BTU if you are willing to explore it yourself by following my guide, I will not take any responsibility if you bricked your devices.

Standard UniFi Setup

Note that the Huawei HG655a / HG655m LAN Port 1 is connected to D-Link DIR-615a's WAN Port where as the LAN Port 4 is connected to TM IPTV.

UniFi will provide a D-Link DIR-615 Wireless router or RG TMRnd Wireless router for all users no matter you're applying for Residential or Business use. Above is the standard setup for all UniFi users.

Custom UniFi Setup

After following my guide your setup will look like the above diagram.
Your Own Router's WAN Port will connect to Huawei HG655a/m LAN Port 3.
IPTV will connect to Huawei HG655a/m LAN Port 1.

1. Make sure you have your UniFi login ID and Password. The login ID should be xxx@unifi or xxx@unifibiz
1. Download Mozilla Firefox because sometimes the Huawei HG655a/m WebGUI will not work in Internet Explorer.
2. a DSL Router / Wireless Router (Your Own Router). Note that this guide will not work for ADSL Modem Router! We just need a normal Router with 1 x WAN + 4 x LAN Ports or Firewall appliance. 

Let's begin..

Step 1 (Manually set Fixed IP):

Plug in a network into Huawei HG655a/m VDSL Modem LAN port 2. Because Huawei HG655a/m VDSL Modem by default the DHCP is disabled so you should configure manually set Local Area Connection to fixed IP like the example below.

Step 2 (Login to Huawei HG655a/m):

Open Mozilla Firefox and type the URL key in the username and password below and click Login.

Username: admin
Password: hs5711Bbvl

Step 3 (Backup Configuration File):

After login navigate to Maintenance > Device > Configuration File tab. You should always backup your config file before proceed to the next step.

Step 4 (Removing VLAN Tagging):
This step is to remove the VLAN tagging from the port.
1. Click on ptm1.500 on the first highlight.
2. Untick Port binding & VLAN tagging: LAN1 and tick Port Binding LAN3.

3. Click Submit button.
Step 5 (Connecting IPTV):
It's simple, just connect your IPTV direct to Huawei HG655 LAN1 port. Restart both devices (HG655a & IPTV Set-Top-Box)

1. Change your Local Area Connection back to "Obtain an IP address automatically"
2. Plug Your Own Router's WAN port to Huawei HG655a/m LAN Port 3.
3. Connect your PC to Your Own Router.
4. Login to Web Configuration page.

The above screen shot of my TP-Link WR841N stock firmware. Go to WAN select PPPoE key in your UniFi login ID and password. You should be able to connect to Internet with Your Own Router now!


  1. the unifi modem ip incorrect cannot connect to that ip

  2. Thanks for the HG655a settings...

    Got it working for IPTV using following settings :-

    LAN port 3 - Own router/wireless
    LAN port 2 - IPTV ( port binding to LAN port 2 WITHOUT VLAN tagging )

    Somehow cannot use LAN port 4...

  3. mine was

    However, portscan shows that port 80 (web) is filtered. Any ideas how to pass through?

    1. just found out that TM already block the port from accessing.

      Stanley: Would it be possible if you could send me the configuration backup you've done? Please remove any sensitive information before sending.

  4. hey... i we got 2 set up box.. how to configure it by just 1 router? and we can watch 2 tv..

  5. can u fixed this error.. please advice..

  6. can do this for maxis fibre? I want to get rid of the crappy thomson router and use my airport

  7. Izzat please refer here

  8. Hi, I get the error message "The WAN VLAN ID is identical". Do I have a different firmware causing this? Has anbody experienced the same, any solution available?

  9. Hi stanley, is the Cisco RV042 compatible for unifi setup? Is there anybody have this experience successful deploy?

  10. frinzyfancy: shouldnt be any issue.

  11. btw i forgot the password, i never change it, do it has a default password?

  12. Hi Stanley Tiang,

    I'm trying to link my Huawei HG655A modem with my Asus RT-N56U router. But currently the process stop at Step 2, as I can't login into the modem using the username & password provided below,

    Username: admin
    Password: hs5711Bbvl

    May I know what I might done wrong?

    If after I manage to login into this Huawei HG655A modem, the configuration process also will be the same as above?

    1. Hi Sky, did you get your Asus router working?
      Any issues with the error message "The WAN VLAN ID is identical" resulting in not finalizing the instructions?
      How did you manage to overcome this problem?

  13. Try to login the HG655a modem by using Firefox or Google Chrome.

  14. TM just install new Unifi modem & a wireless router at my office, i'm having difficulty finding the information on the hardware, the modem model is I-240-P, the wireless router is L7-N-R2000.
    I wish to use our own router with the Unifi modem.
    A long time ago in my other office, i follow a simply configuration from's website to make the DIR-615 to be able to use with any router u like.
    Do u have any idea for my case ?? Thanks.

  15. Hi Stanley,

    Any idea on how to scrap both the current ONU and the Dlink router and replace with a 24/48 port ONU that can do all (modem/router/DHCP)? Do you know any 24/48 port ONU that can do it?


  16. Hi, do u know if I can connect my iptv to the router? Instead of connect it directly to modem

  17. Hi Stanley, do you know any connection of Huawei HG655M modem, because it was changing this router to me, and now my IPTV was cant connect back to modem.

    hope you can help me.

  18. Hi Stanley,

    I'm out of idea now. Looking for your advice.

    I'm subscribed the Unifi 10Mbps Business with static IP.
    What I want to do is to get the backbone with this static IP link to my Clavister router for my office. However, I understand this Unifi Modem(LNetwork) was setup with PPOE with username and password and I can't change to bridge mode.

    Do you have any idea. Currently I have another ISP connection with direct backbone with static IP and connected to my Clavister router.

    I bit confused on how to change the Unifi to only have same backbone with their static IP. Is this called bridge mode right?

  19. Hi,

    I have followed your steps to configure my unifi modem and able to directly connect to my checkpoint firewall but I have facing an issue that can`t connect to internet.

    Please give idea how i can connect to internet by using checkpoint fire wall?

  20. Hi stanley, Is this solution working on cisco router WRVS4400N?

    1. Yes it will work for any router. Just treat it as a normal adsl modem after the above configuration done.

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  22. Hello Stanley, is it possible u show us some guide on how to setup maxis-astro iptv? thank u

  23. Hi Stanley,

    I worked through your tutorial a couple of times and while the internet works, the IPTV does not. I noticed that on the Basic > WAN > WAN Connection page, my ptm1.209 settings are different to yours.

    I have:
    Connection Name: ptm1.209
    Layer2 Type: PTM
    Service List: TR069_INTERNET
    Connection Type: Con_Bridged
    Enable: 1

    It's full settings are:
    Layer2 Interface: ptm1/ptm1_0_1)
    WAN connection: Enable
    Service List: TR069_INTERNET
    Port Binding: LAN1 LAN4
    Bridge Mode: LAN1
    VLAN tagging: LAN1
    Connection mode: Route
    Connection type: Con_Bridged
    WAN 802.1q: Enable
    VLAN ID: 209
    WAN 802.1p: Enable
    Value: 4
    NAT: Enable
    DHCP Option 60: (nothing)

    I tried changing the Service List to TR069 and Connection Type to DHCP but it complains that the Port bindings are wrong or that I cannot change TR069 settings.

    I was wondering how yours is set up?

  24. Hi, Thanks for the info. Our old office is using huawei hg655a, so i manage to remove the vlan tagging by using your guide.

    We have move to new office, and the TM giving us the new modem, huawei hg8240w. Do you have any guide to access this modem. We need to replace the router to firewall. Thanks

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. on modem HG655M the internet works perfectly! but IPTV it can't connect...any solutions??

    1. Hi, I am using 655M as well and the same problem that follow the steps above the internet works fine but IPTV show no network connection. Hope there is a solution for this....thanks

  27. can I connect the modem to my pc with the router connection still on??

    1. Yes after performing the above steps then enable DHCP server for LAN-3 (port 3).

  28. my also using HG8240w any solution ? and remain voip if can....

  29. Great work and very nice content...
    this post is very interesting and knowledgeable for me...
    thanks for sharing this post...
    More info:- Asus Technical Support

  30. Can someone please tell me if it is possible to connect other computers\internet capable devices to LAN ports 2, 3 and 4 on the HG655m and access the internet?

    I have run out of LAN ports on my TM DIR-615 and need to connect my new Blu-Ray player to the internet, but can't seem to access the internet when using ports 2, 3 or 4 on the GH655m.

    Any assistance would be apprecitated :-)

  31. trimakasih infonya sangat menarik,,
    bermanfaat sekali,,

  32. This guide will NOT work on Huawei HG655M, I upgrade my Naked Streamyx to MAXIS-Fibre-Internet to accommodate my Astro B.yond. After the TM guy and the MAXIS Tech install their device equipment everything works fine both the Astro IPTV and the MAXIS fiber internet broadband, take note I am in a condo so my ONT/BTU is HG655M VDSL. I do not have any problem on MAXIS I can replace the Thomson/Techcolor T748n v3 with any of my TP-Link WR740N v4.23/4.27 brush with OpenWrt. I can even make the HG655m as purely modem router only no problem. I have been stuck when I shift to my Naked Streamyx since I have still account on TM DSL, using my TP-Link WR740N 4.23/4.27 with OpenWrt firmware or with the TP-Link stock firmware still have no luck to connect to my Streamyx DSL. I guess this Tutorial will works only on HG655A and NOT on HG655M.

    Any suggestion much appreciated :-)

  33. hi..i need help on how to log in into alcatel I-240G-T btu given by maxis...

  34. hi..i need help on how to log in into alcatel I-240G-T btu given by maxis...

  35. I have TP-WR841ND, followed unifi setup and all are correct....but why the WAN
    IP are all
    Turned off/on, upgrade firmware, still the same....
    Swap another AZtech model and it works without any problem. what could go wrong with the TP-Link model?.....please help

  36. Hi.. am using linksys E1200 model and followed your setup, but couldn't browse some of the sites like wikipedia, facebook, linkedin, etc... other sites are ok.. is there anything that am missing.. Thanks a lot

  37. informative post... thanks for sharing.

    TM Unifi

  38. Hi, I have problem with the UNIFI modem HG655m unable to connect with our TP-Link TL-ER6120 router. I'm not sure where goes wrong? Any one can help? Really appreciate if I can solve this problem.
    Stanley Ong.

    1. Any luck with this?

      I am trying to connect the same ER6120 and having no luck for UNIFI.

      I can connect using OHANA ISP tho.

      Hope to hear from you.

    2. I managed to connect the ER6120 to UNIFI by using a Switch between the GPON and router to VLAN tag it 500 but unfortunately my HyppTV doesn't work

    3. could not get access to the modem (GPON)...

  39. any reason why this guide does not work for modem router?

    i was trying following this guide on setting on d-link dsl-2750e.

    not able to get internet/IPTV works.

  40. Can you add guide for a newer GPON Huawei HG 8240w? I cant access this GPON. I tried to follow your guide but still cant access, maybe because its a different model

  41. Hi Stanley, do u have unifi default configuration for hg655m modem? I have reset the modem and now cannot connect to internet. When modem connect with the default dlink router even the also cannot open. Please help me. Thanks

  42. now tm wallgardened all modded modem huawei hg655m. the modded transform modem to modem router function. anyhow to overcome this issue is highly welcomed